At Bella Vi, we offer state-of-the-art laser services. Every laser treatment is performed by experts in the aesthetic field, who are dedicated to ensuring every client is thrilled with the results of laser treatment.

Laser hair removal

Smooth, hair-free skin is soft and lovely – but for most of us, it requires ongoing maintenance, whether waxing, shaving, or plucking. While we love a beautiful head of hair and lovely arched brows, hair can sprout in the most inconvenient places and must be removed. Imagine never needing to schedule a waxing appointment again! With laser hair removal in Nashville at Bella Vi, it is all possible.

Laser hair removal treatments at Bella Vi

We are equipped with a groundbreaking laser hair removal system, Lightsheer. This treatment device is comfortable, effective, and clinically proven to eradicate unwanted hair. Rather than suffering through the pain and discomfort of waxing or an older device, with Lightsheer, your laser hair removal is painless, comfortable, and lasting.

At Bella Vi, we offer state-of-the-art laser services. Every laser treatment is performed by experts in the aesthetic field, who are dedicated to ensuring every client is thrilled with the results of laser treatment.

Laser tattoo removal

A tattoo you previously wanted may no longer please you; you need it entirely removed. Our advanced laser tattoo removal in Nashville can thoroughly remove even the most difficult inks.

PicoSure for laser tattoo removal at its best.

At Bella Vi, we are equipped with the most effective tattoo removal laser system, PicoSure, one of the world’s most advanced lasers. This system delivers bursts of laser energy to shatter the inks in the skin, allowing the particles to be shed by your system safely and effectively. This laser system is far faster than older, traditional laser tattoo removal devices, with quick treatments that cause no damage to the surrounding skin.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The inks in a tattoo vary in how easily they can be removed. Some colors are more complicated, but we have you covered – even with the darkest-colored tattoos. The laser energy penetrates the tattoo, shattering the ink particles and allowing your system to eradicate them naturally. With a faster healing time, this system can remove up to 95 percent of all tattoo ink, far above and beyond older systems.

Laser vein removal

Spider veins are difficult or impossible to hide with cosmetics. With the help of our laser experts, they can be safely and effectively removed. Spider veins are typically painless and strictly a cosmetic concern, but they can leave you less comfortable revealing your face or body areas. With our laser vein removal in Nashville, you can wear swimsuits, shorts, or other revealing garments with total confidence, with your skin free from visible veins.

How does laser vein removal work?

Our laser system for vein removal is among the most advanced available in the USA. The laser energy is focused on the vein, leaving the surrounding skin and tissue unharmed and intact. The heat emitted by the device destroys the vein, which can no longer carry blood and disappears within four to six weeks as the body reabsorbs it. As a result, the troublesome vein is gone forever!

Why choose Bella Vi for laser services?

When you are under the care of the experts at Bella Vi, you can be confident that your journey to smoother, hair-free skin, tattoo removal, or vein removal will be comfortable. We are focused on ensuring every client we treat enjoys personalized service and care while resting in the privacy and luxury of our state-of-the-art clinic.

Every client we treat deserves ultimate comfort, care, and skin confidence. Our laser services are performed with cutting-edge technology, making every treatment faster, more comfortable, and more effective.

The Bella Vi experience

You deserve to feel and look your best, and at Bella Vi, we make the journey positive, empowering, and successful. When under our care, you will feel like a VIP. We help you look red carpet ready, glowing with health, with our range of laser services.


Does laser hair removal hurt?

Many clients describe laser hair removal as feeling rather like a rubber band snapping against the skin for a split second – and less painful than waxing. This brief sensation only lasts for the moment that the laser pulse hits your skin. Treatment is fast, and each laser pulse destroys an area of hair about the diameter of a quarter. There is so little discomfort, patients frequently don’t even need an anesthetic cream, though you may ask for it if you are concerned.

Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Most people are good candidates for laser hair removal, even for heavy growths of hair. If you are tired of seeing unwanted hair on your face, back, arms, bikini zone, or another area, you can get total relief with laser hair removal treatments.

On which areas body areas can I have laser hair removal?

Because laser hair removal is super safe, it can be used on any area of the body—even on the most delicate areas of your face or body.

How many treatments will I need?

Treatments are quick and efficient because the laser heat energy is optimized. Because your hair grows in cycles, you will require several treatments at eight-week intervals. Bear in mind that laser hair removal is different for each individual. There are several different variables to consider, such as the color of your skin and hair and the thickness of your hair. These will all affect how long your treatment will take and how many you will need.

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