Wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks and scars on the skin can cause your body to look older and weaken your confidence. Morpheus8 Body is a versatile, innovative RF microneedling device that is specially designed to address the skin on larger areas of the body, achieving a more youthful, firm, and attractive appearance.

What is Morpheus8 Body?

Morpheus8 Body is an FDA-approved radiofrequency microneedling technology that is designed for deep tissue remodeling. The Morpheus8 Body device has 40 thin, gold-coated microneedles that can deliver radiofrequency energy to large areas quickly and efficiently, making “micro-injuries” into the skin. This process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to remodel the skin. With RF energy added to the treatment, collagen production is even more heavily triggered, and this simultaneously liquefies small pockets of fat and tightens sagging skin. At the same time, it improves the tone and texture of the skin, and reduces the appearance of cellulite, scars and stretch marks.

Morpheus8 Body can target tissue at three different levels, achieving significant reduction in treatment time and providing customized, full-body procedures. Morpheus8 Body achieves fractional resurfacing at a whole new level, at depths of up to 8 mm into the underlying tissue.

Morpheus8 Body

Am I a candidate for Morpheus8 Body?

Morpheus8 Body is an ideal treatment for most people and is safe for any skin color or skin type. Men or women with mild to moderate skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, and other skin concerns may be ideal candidates if they meet the following requirements:

  • Are generally healthy
  • Have no active skin infections or breakouts in the treatment area
  • Do not smoke

What can I expect during a Morpheus8 Body treatment?

Morpheus8 Body treatments take between 30-60 minutes, depending on the size and number of your desired treatment areas. Morpheus8 Body treatments are not generally considered painful, but begin with an anesthetic cream to ensure your complete comfort.

Morpheus8 Body treatments are quite versatile because there are different microneedle configurations: the Prime 12 pin, the Resurfacing 24 pin, the Morpheus8 24 pin, and the Body 40 pin. Each of these configurations has its own depth control to deliver the RF energy at the precise depth required to correct a variety of cosmetic concerns.

Once the treatment begins, the Morpheus8 Body handpiece is passed over the skin in the targeted treatment area, where it creates micro-injuries and applies heat to the underlying tissues with radiofrequency.

For the most ideal results, we recommend 2-3 sessions of Morpheus8 Body, which are performed 4-6 weeks apart.

Morpheus8 Body


Your microneedling treatment requires no downtime. Once your treatment is complete, you may return to work or your usual activities. During your short recovery period, as your skin heals, slight redness or micro-lesions may appear and last for a few days or a week. During the healing process, we recommend keeping the treated areas moisturized with Aquaphor Healing Ointment or Vaseline. Stay out of the sun and use sunscreen daily.

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